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Michelle Simmons, Lifestyle Coach

 Michelle has been practicing various fitness forms consistently for over 7 years and has over 2 years of as a Certified Pilates Instructor via the Club Pilates Instructor Program. She was introduced to Pilates after suffering from a dance knee injury and loved the idea that she could rehabilitate her knee while staying fit. She recommends Pilates to everyone, regardless of their fitness goals, injuries or ailments and loves having the opportunity to assist others in achieving the personal fitness goals. Her favorite saying in class is, “the goal is progress not perfection”, and being a part of her students growth inspires her. Michelle brings knowledge from her various backgrounds and fitness certifications to provide clients with variety on achieving their new lifestyle. Including, but not limited to: TRX, Barre, Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, and much more.

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 Experienced professional with focused knowledge in providing a personalized plan for your fitness lifestyle

  • At-Home and Gym Workouts
  • Pilates
  • Yoga Fusions
  • Stretch

During your consultation session, each client will have a personalized intake session where we will assess the body’s posture, muscles, flexibility, strength and health concerns. We will discuss goals and begin work right away. 


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